I have recently moved home, and, as you can see, am engaged in other projects at this time, therefore the new record is planned for release in spring / summer (2017).”

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T H E   R A V E N E S S 

Siân Lavinia Anaïs (Florencia) Valeriana, pseudonym The Raveness, is an introverted polymath - Musician, Writer (notably as a Diarist and Poet), Artist, Photographer, Historian, Researcher and Antiquarian (with a thousand creative compulsions) - A single-sided deaf Warwickshire lady born of Welsh, Breton, Argentine, Catalan and Florentine descent.

Influenced by the surroundings of Shakespeare's England, research of history and antiques began in childhood and progressed to restoration and repurposing at thirteen when extraordinarily and independently she became published in her specialized topics (2000). Auditors acclaimed the recluse - unrestrained by her disabilities with wicked comedic tendencies - "a ground-breaking performance poet" - praise subsequent to a debut record (2001). Revolutionary abridged audio books, which at the beginning were taken from the triumphant and now out of print diary poetry volumes, written from a child and self-published at eighteen (2006) – amassing a success unusual to an attention-shy creator. 

A pre-eminent mix of multi-instrumentalist music, multilingual spoken word, sound effects and phonograph Lo-fi with subtle hints of world sounds, self-taught to incorporate different styles and genres, growing up listening to a plethora of Classical music including Renaissance, Romantic, Baroque, Opera, Recitativo and Música Andalusí, and Performance Poetry, Post-punk, Celtic, Gwerz, Flamenco and Tango, birthed a combination that attained global recognition – as did her originating and trademark of La fée verte hot toddy in tea ware termed Emerald blood (2001). Having no defined taste, she also initially became renowned as the original pioneering with a signature distorted combination of harpsichord and organ, a modern claviorganum in heavy resonance. An exhilarating avant-garde approach to the Classical genre from a complete autodidact who has never received any training.


The Best Sellers


The Lavinia Anthology (2015)

by The Raveness

All 1000 strictly limited edition hand-signed and numbered compact discs have sold - this release is now download only

© / ℗ The Raveness™

22 Tracks + 48 page poetry book
Download with bonus material : includes unlimited streaming and eBook of "The Lavinia volumes" personal journal (2008)

This collector's edition is an exclusive celebratory anthology for the upcoming ten year anniversary of "The Lavinia volumes" (2006) poetry series - un au revoir au passé preparing for the future with all new poems and content - featuring all the poetry recordings to date (2001-2014) - taken from the history journal entries - on one hand signed and numbered disc. Excludes those featured on the "Eat the heart - EP" (2006). Bonus material available with Bandcamp purchase only.

eBook content (PDF)

Tea with Lucy (30 May 1999)
Fool (15 March 2000)
Problematic girl (17 March 2000)
Emerald blood (01 January 2001)
Nyctophobia (03 January 2001)
My friend figment suicide (18 February 2002)
Bona fide lines of a tortured mind (19 February 2002)
Jester face (23 February 2002)
Death to the heartless (04 March 2002)
The Renaissance (05 March 2002)
Another lost daughter (30 March 2002)
Confessions of an Absinthe addict (02 April 2003)
The rocking horse (09 May 2003)
Lavinia The Conqueror (02 January 2004)
The Elephant woman (08 February 2004)
When will my life begin? (01 March 2004)
Cut-throat (03 March 2004)
Lady Misery (11 April 2004)
A couple of five pound notes (17 April 2004)
The kiss (18 May 2004)
Witch (19 May 2004)
Love – I curse the word (30 May 2004)
Ashes-to-ashes and dust-to-dust (15 June 2004)
Doll (30 May 2004)
Why do I cry for them? (02 June 2004)
A smile – a veil (06 May 2005)
They call it romance (03 January 2008)
Happy (15 January 2008)

Farewell to the court - Luxury edition

by The Raveness

This sound recording and luxury double-disc edition of the first full-length classical feature is a collection of the recordings to date, excluding some of the original compositions exclusive to other releases.