Just a funny looking... 


Just a funny looking Scopophobic Dysmorphic Breton mixed-breed in their faithful French Beret. Playing around with a smartphone camera and filters in order to enter another achievement in a new [private not for publishing] journal of psychological success. Can I get a power-up mushroom to pounce on please? Twenty-seven violent years and a lot more than une saison en enfer crumbled by a perpetual smile and the stupendous effort made to achieve happiness. Onwards and upwards! Vive la liberté! 

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Rescued this vintage sepia print 

Rescued this vintage sepia print that someone, who no longer appreciated a good historical view, gave up. Purchasing it aided those in need. Charity is one of my favourite human qualities. Never stop giving, whether it is a thought or a penny, to others.

Feel that? 


Feel that? It's called seduction!