Siân Lavinia Anaïs @TheRaveness
The Raveness is the alias of Siân Lavinia Anaïs Florencia Valeriana (1987); A partially deaf artistic polymath, historian, antiquarian and poet, and a Warwickshire lady born and bred with mixed heritage. Extraordinarily, establishing an independently self-published future at the early stage of one's teens (2000). Auditors acclaimed Lavinia “a ground-breaking performance poet," praise subsequent to the debut ‘A coffin for a bed’ (2002) and the follow-up of ‘The Raveness – EP’ (2004). Revolutionary abridged audiobooks that have amassed a success unusual to an attention-shy underground artist. A modest influence of Léo Ferré and Yann Tiersen (Amélie), and a pre-eminent cocktail of multilingual spoken word, method acting, sound effects and phonograph lo-fi music; attaining global recognition, as did a formal diagnosis of previous alcoholism for la fée verte (2001). The original artist pioneering for near two decades with a signature distorted combination of harpsichord and organ, a modern claviorganum in heavy resonance. An exhilarating avant-garde approach to classical music; The aspiring Martha Argerich is a complete autodidact who has never received any form of classical training.  More..
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