Currently "away" working on the upcoming album...The Raveness is a (Catalan, Italian, Argentine, French-Breton, Welsh) Stratford-on-Avon born Leamingtonian Musician, Diarist, Poet, and Artisan, who is globally successful with a following that includes acclaimed names and with verse quoted worldwide, including by a top-selling author. A Classically self-trained and self-effacing multi-instrumentalist who debuted 5 days after her 13th birthday, taking up the childhood nickname gifted to her as an alternative to six birth names, becoming predominantly recognised as the underground pioneer of overdrive-harpsichord and piano blended with doom-laden distortion-organ, and later, self-publishing her first book at just turned 18 years. As a noticeable entirely independent introvert, she remains to evade the mainstream and media attention associated with it, and is also a reluctant user of social media... read more