The Raveness is a Leamingtonian best-selling Avant-Garde Musician and Poet, Writer and Artist presently on a brief hiatus whilst working on the upcoming album. A Classically self-trained multi-instrumentalist and a noticeable introvert who artistically takes "Do What Thou Wilt" to a whole new level. 5 days after her 13th birthday, she debuted with a rendition of 'Yo! Ho! A Pirates Life For Me!' Leading to unexpected international success with high praise from around the globe for her romanticism, macabre and surreal low fidelity aesthetic and disregard for convention. The Historian and Antiquarian book aficionado has gladly evaded the mainstream and garnished a global following that includes acclaimed names without a record label, publisher or magazine spread or performing live. Her teenage literature is quoted by a top-selling author and the writing style was sought after by one of the UK's top multi-award-winning artists.

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